Embrace Diversity, Empower Lives.

We believe that every individual, regardless of ability, has a unique brilliance to share with the world. As a non-profit organization, our mission is to create a more inclusive and compassionate society where differences are celebrated, and barriers are dismantled.

What We Do!

Empowerment Programs

Our empowerment programs are designed to nurture the talents and skills of individuals with disabilities. From vocational training to artistic expression, we provide a platform for personal growth and self-discovery.

Community Engagement

SPRING is more than an organization; we are a community. Through support groups, workshops, and events, we foster connections that bridge the gap between abilities, creating a network of understanding and friendship.

Educational Initiatives

We are committed to raising awareness and promoting education about various abilities. Our workshops and educational resources aim to dispel myths, reduce stigma, and encourage a more inclusive mindset.

Chairman’s Message

SPRING is not just an NGO for me, but my personal dream of empowering people with disabilities in Pakistan. I am also suffering from a disability. and I have seen the difference in behavior with people with disabilities. and normal people. I decided to stand for my rights and for the rights of all those who are just like me, fighting with their disabilities every day. I I want to give them the strength to cope with the rest of the world and make their disability their strength to face the world. My vision is to see Pakistan is the most developed country in terms of facilitation for the disables. We are physically challenged, but we are ready to take this challenge.

Employment For Disabled Persons

SPRING is determined to provide job opportunities to all disabled people in Pakistan. It has created Job opportunities for more than 800 disabled people in the Punjab government with the help of
Mr. Aslam Maitla, DO, Social Welfare Department of Rawalpindi.

It’s the first time in the history of Pakistan that any disability organization has single-handedly made appointments for disabled people on a large scale. The Punjab government has appointed and facilitated disabled people in different sectors like government, semi-government, and private organizations.

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